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Tea time with Von der Flüchtigkeit eines Geschmacks [A Transient Taste]

Interview with Eva Neidlinger, director of Von der Flüchtigkeit eines Geschmacks [A Transient Taste] Where is the story set? How familiar are you with this region and this world?Von […]

30 January 2023

Nightcap with PLSTC

Interview with Laen Sanches, director of PLSTC  Could you explain what the acronym PLSTC represents?  PLSTC is an invented acronym that simply means “plastic.” This word has several advantages: it […]


Lunch with Bitume [Asphalt]

Interview with Léo Blandino, director of Bitume [Asphalt] How did you happen to think of making a film about truck drivers?I wrote the script with Thimothée Meyrieux-Drevet who shared his […]

30 January 2023

Breakfast with But What Does It Mean?

Interview with Julie Ecoffey, director of But What Does It Mean? Where did you come up with the idea for these two characters? My crew. I often find the banal […]


Dinner with Cui cui cui

Interview with Cécile Mille, director of Cui cui cui  Why did you choose this subject? The desire to have children is a subject that I had to deal with for […]

29 January 2023

Tea time with Des voisins dans ma cour

Interview with Eli Jean Tahchi, director of Des voisins dans ma cour  What can you say about the wall that separates Mont-Royal, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Montreal, […]

29 January 2023

Lunch with Will You Look at Me

Interview with Shuli Huang, director of Will You Look at Me  How did the inspiration come about for Will You Look at Me? How much of the footage did […]


Breakfast with Ressources humaines

Interview with Trinidad Plass, Titouan Tillier and Isaac Wenzek, co-directors of Ressources humaines  What was the starting point for the inspiration of the film? Are you particularly fond of […]

29 January 2023

Nightcap with Nurture

Interview with Sasha Argirov, director of Nurture Why did you choose this title in particular? Nurture just popped into my head one day when I was writing a draft of […]

29 January 2023

Dinner with Persona

Interview with Sujin Moon, director of Persona What was you inspiration for Persona?My inspiration was my eagerness to understand myself. When I was in the preproductionphase of the film, […]

28 January 2023
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