PREAC cinema

The Regional Poles for Artistic and Cultural Education (PREAC) have for mission to create bridges between the artistic practices and the world of the school by proposing national and regional trainings (internships, seminars, conferences ...) and in producing tools and materials for teachers and artists.

The PREAC Auvergne offers annual training on one of the contemporary issues of cinema and audiovisual.


Two days of training around VR (Virtual Reality) are organized on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 March 2018 in Clermont-Ferrand.


Thursday, March 29th:

9.30am-12pm: Christophe Bascoul's lecture - History of the interactive / immersive film


Visit of the exhibitions of the Festival Vidéoformes, with a course on the different places of the festival
Philippe Artus: exhibition at the chapel of the oratory - exhibition Gaillard room Installations young video at Canopé (Hall from March 20 to April 4, 2018) -
Other track: Justine Emard - augmented reality installation
RV movie with helmets (5 max)


Friday, March 30th:


Round table on virtual reality and / or augmented reality:
Define the terminology, the differences in RV and RA (with a philosophical approach)


What are the issues ?

Address new issues (other than artistic ones) through architecture and technology.
Intervention by an architect and a doctor
Serious game?

Philippe Fuchs, professor at Mines ParisTech



Practical workshops with Benjamin Nuel, Golnaz Berouznhia and Gauthier Keyaerts Sigrid Coggins.
Discoveries of software to create interactivity, virtual reality and / or augmented reality.

6.45pm-5.30pm: Restitution and balance sheet