Farming Simulator 22 - First Gameplay Premiere Coming in FarmCon 21

17 July 2021

FS22 First Gameplay Trailer

There’s some exciting news about the upcoming Farming Simulator title, FS22.

Yes, that’s right!

As you can see from the title, the first gameplay of the much-hyped FS22 will be premiered at FarmCon 2021. This has got fans across the world super excited about all the things the event will reveal. 

In this article, we’ll be covering all the latest details about Farming Simulator 22’s first gameplay premiere and much more.

Sounds exciting? Read on to find out!

Farming Simulator 22 Upcoming Event – FarmCom 2021

Giants Software recently announced that it’d be premiering the first gameplay clips of their new upcoming FS22 at FarmCon 21.

Starting from July 21 till 23, the developer of Giants Software will be streaming the first gameplay of FS22.

Where will they show this footage? You’ll be able to check it out on their official Twitch channel. Besides some cultivated gameplay, you can also expect to learn about new features and much more!

Farming Simulator 22 FarmCom 2021 Schedule

From July 21 to 23, the company will stream the gameplay for some hours at 2 pm ET/11 am PT. 

During the broadcast, you can also expect to learn some exciting insider information from the developers directly. 

In addition, you’ll even get a closer look at the recently announced features. Giants will also be revealing some more content, followed by some unannounced gameplay mechanics.

Here’s the schedule for the event as announced by Giants:

  • July 21 (Wednesday): This day will highlight the game’s seasonal changes, Elmcreek (new US-based map), the Cinematic Trailer’s behind the scenes, etc.
  • July 22 (Thursday):  Expect to witness the first gameplay premiere of FS22, Giants Engine 9 upgrades, brand-new additions, and more.
  • July 23 (Friday): Learn about the game’s sound engine improvements, new crops, multiple customization options, Bale Stacking Challenge, and more.
  • July 24-25(Sat and Sunday): These days are scheduled for the competitive esports Farming Simulator League. The tournament will continue with season iii. Also, the finale will be live-streamed on July 25 on YouTube and Twitch from 10 pm ET/7 am PT. 

Farming Simulator 22: What’s New?

The upcoming FS22 from the popular franchise will be coming with brand new crops, features, and machinery. Here’s what we know so far:

New Crops

According to the latest official announcement, the upcoming simulator will feature three new crops for the first time. They include sorghum, olives, and grapes. The inclusion of these new crops will offer different ways to perform virtual fieldwork.

Grapes, for instance, are a vine-based crop that’s been added to the series for the first time. This will create a new opportunity for players to plant vineyards, which will make the game more interesting.

New Machinery

FS22 Machinery

As per Giants Software, you’ll need special equipment for keeping the land mulched and loosened and the grapes fertilized. This could perhaps be an indication that the new FS22 will introduce a new lineup of machinery. 

The information about the latest machinery is yet to be known. But, we know that there will be over 400 new machines & tools from over a hundred authentic brands. 

New Features: Productions Chains & Seasonal Cycles

FS22 Seasons

Farming Simulator22 will also be coming with brand new features. The ones we’re most excited about are the Seasonal Cycles and the Production Chains.

With the inclusion of seasonal cycles, you’ll now be able to experience all four seasons. It’s worth pointing out that this is Giant’s first attempt to introduce its own version of Seasons changes into the FS series.

Previously, players had to install specific mods to experience different climates. But now, with this addition, you may not be required to use a seasons mod.

Another exciting feature that has been confirmed for the new FS22 is the Production Chains. According to Giants, it’ll allow players to convert the harvested crops (including the new crops)  into other usable products. 

For instance, you can use grapes to make grape juice. Similarly, olives and sorghum can be used to make olive oil and flour, respectively. You can then distribute the new products to different selling points, thereby creating an additional revenue stream. 

More Customization Options For FS22 Mods

Farming Simulator mods have always played a huge part in this popular simulator franchise. Thanks to Farming Simulator 22 Mods websites like this farming 22 mods website, players have been able to create personalized farming experiences. 

There’s one good news for modders too, and that’s the Directx-12 support in the upcoming FS22. That’s because it’ll allow for optimization of more complex FS22 mods. Thus, allowing you to enjoy new farming machines, environments, and other cool stuff. 

If you wish to take this game to the next level, you’ll have to rely on FS22 mods. Fortunately, the best modding sites offer unique mods for the upcoming FS that will help improve the gaming experience dramatically. 

That’s all the information we have for now. For more exciting details, stay tuned for the FarmCon, which will start from 21-23 of July 2021.

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