Is your festival specialised in animation for young people? Are you looking for short films in only black and white? Are your organizing a retrospective about music videos?

With Shortfilmdepot receive films that meet your requirements by preparing your call for entry on Shortfilmdepot using a personalization option to suit your specific needs.

How it works

The platform is used all around the world and provides you with a quality management system for your submissions with simple and efficient tools.
Easily manage your submissions sent by filmmakers, follow the submission progress, confirm reception and notify selections.
Facilitate your programming work by watching, noting and commenting on all films submitted to your festival with the streaming platform.
All videos and media files submitted (photos, biography, dialog list, subtitles, etc.) are downloadable and available for your team.
All videos and media files submitted (photos, biography, dialog list, subtitles, etc.) are downloadable and available for your team.

About us

  • The Shortfilmdepot website is administrated by the association Sauve Qui Peut le Court Métrage, organizer of the International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand in France for 40 years. .
  • Shortfilmdepot came above all from the desire to create a festival community that promotes short films with artistic, cinematographic and culturally different points of view.
  • Member of the FAIR SUBMISSION, Shortfilmdepot is an ethic platform with a transparent approach both for festivals and filmmakers.
  • Behind Shortfilmdepot there is also a motivated team available to help you through the different steps of your call for entry.
Shortfilmdepot is an innovative project launched by SQP in 2004, which connects rights holders (directors, producers, distributors, schools) and festivals. It allows rights holders to transmit to the given festivals, a preview copy of their film and other necessary files online. It provides festivals with a complete suite of tools to manage registrations and review films (streaming and download).


The Shortfilmdepot fee

The fee includes an annual subscription of 350 euros excluding tax with an access to all advancement tools to manage your call for entry and support for your questions.

Those who use Shortfilmdepot

Today more than sixty festivals put their trust in Shortfilmdepot. Why not you?


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