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For its 45th edition, the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival has committed to developing environmentally responsible practices. These engagements require efficiency and structure, and that is why the Festival is a candidate for a level-1 REEVE label as an environmentally and socially committed festival. It also uses the Green Charter for Film Festivals and the 50/50 Collective’s Charter for Gender-Equality and Diversity in Film, Audiovisual, and Motion Picture Festivals.

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  • How the label works

The Eco-Event Network (REEVE), based in Nantes, aims to mobilize the entire event management sector in order to actively contribute to the fight against climate change. In 2019, the network launched its ‘eco-event’ label with three tiers, based on a framework of 110 engagements. These engagements are grouped into 34 areas, which themselves are regrouped into 8 main issues.

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  • Level 1: “Environmentally committed festival – initial phase”

To reach the first step of the certification process, the Festival has pledged to implement 30 attainable actions in sustainability and environmental responsibility. The execution of these 30 engagements will be subject to evaluation before, during and after the event by an expert in sustainable event management.  

Learn more about the 30 engagements here (French only)

The scope of this initial certification phase includes all Festival and Short Film Market main sites: Maison de la culture, La Comédie de Clermont Theater, Fleury Gymnasium and Georges-Conchon Municipal Building.

In order to implement the first steps of this process, the relevant Clermont ISFF team members are participating in REEVE’s sustainable event management program, made up of training modules that deal with different aspects of environmental responsibility in event management.


  • Continual improvement 

The Festival’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility and the eco-label certification process rest on the principle of continual improvement. Because this transition cannot happen overnight, the objective of the Festival is to improve with each passing edition and to develop its actions in collaboration with all of the event’s stakeholders.

You can participate in the Festival’s sustainable transition by:

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