Films on augmented reality and virtual reality

Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand, Traversée centrale - Friday January 28th to Friday February 4th - 10 am to 18 pm

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Acqua Alta - La traversée du miroir / Adrien M & Claire B / 10'.

A woman, a man, a house. An absurd and divisive daily life. But one rainy day, life turns upside down: the rising waters engulf the house in a sea of ink. The woman slips and disappears. All that remains of her is her hair. Alive. This is the story of a catastrophe, particular and universal. It is the story of a loss and a quest. It is the story of the fear of the strange and of otherness, and of its taming.


Production / Adrien M & Claire B

Strands of mind / Adrian Meyer / Germany / 2021 / 12' / No dialogue

Explore a world beyond the limits of our human perception. A world full of mystery, beauty and darkness. Let yourself be taken on a journey into the woven nature of existence.


Production : Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Distribution : Diversion  / Agatha Di Tommaso

Replacements / Jonathan Hagard / Japan, Indonesia, Germany / 2020 / 12' / no dialogue

"Replacements" depicts a Javanese family watching their neighbourhood renew itself day after day, generation after generation, passage after passage. A virtual reality experience about roots, time and change.


Production : Kampung Ayu, Suwe Ora Jamu, Ossa Film

Distribution : Diversion  / Agatha Di Tommaso

Marco & Polo go round / Benjamin Steiger Levine / Canada, Belgium / 2021 / 14'

Marco & Polo Go Round is a love story with a surreal twist. While facing difficulties in their relationship, Marco and Polo see gravity reversed and their whole world literally crumble around them.


Production : Item 7, Belga Productions.

Distribution : Diversion  / Agatha Di Tommaso

Goliath / Barry Gene Murphy / voice : Tilda Swinton / UK, France / 2021 / 30' / English version

The life of a man who finds refuge from his psychological difficulties in the online video game community.


Production : Anagram, Floreal Films

Distribution : Floreal Films

Biolum / Abel Kohen / Voices of Charlotte Rampling and Dominique Tipper / France, Germany / 2021 / 25'

Rachael is an experienced diver who undertakes a historic expedition. Her goal is to explore an unknown underwater cave system. Rachael discovers something totally unexpected in the depths. A new and extraordinary set of luminescent parasites that swarm in these depths. These have completely infected the surrounding flora and fauna. Although beautiful, this infection soon proves dangerous, leaving Rachael fighting for her life.


Production : IKO, Reynard Films, Prefrontal cortex

Distribution : IKO

Bodyless / Hsin-Chien Huang / Taïwan / 2019 / 25'

Inspired by the director's childhood memories, "Bodyless" is a surrealist tale that plunges us into the heart of 1970s Taiwan, then under martial law. At that time, human lives were denigrated, the people dehumanized by the ruling classes.


Production et distribution : Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan (Taiwan), Chen Chung-Hsien

Kinshasa now / Marc-Henri Wajnberg / Blegium / 2020 / 25'

Mika, 14 years old, is chased out of his home and finds himself on the streets of Kinshasa. As the story unfolds, choices are offered. You decide what happens next.

The virtual reality film Kinshasa Now is an experience in which the viewer is immersed, thanks to a 360° VR headset, in the middle of the streets of Kinshasa while discovering the daily life of a street child. The film is shot in a real setting, with real actors.

With forty different scenario possibilities, the interactive version allows a complete immersion by reinforcing the feeling of proximity with the children. The viewer is active throughout the film and is confronted with the consequences of their decisions. Viewers are immersed in a life trajectory different from their own, living a profound human experience in order to break down stereotypes and promote understanding of the other. The experience also exists in a linear version.


Production : Wajnbrosse, RG & Créatifs Associés, Wim Forceville

distribution : Wajnbrosse, Catherine Boes

Spheres / Eliza McNitt/ Voices: Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain, Patti Smith / English version / 30'

Dive into the heart of a black hole and discover the hidden songs of the Cosmos. In this interactive virtual reality experience, the revolutionary discovery of gravitational waves transforms our perception of the Universe. Fall into the darkness to find the light.

Chapter I: Chorus of the Cosmos
Chapter II: Songs of Spacetime
Chapter III: Pale Blue Dot

Production : Atlas V, Novelab, Crimes of Curiosity, Kaleidoscope

Distribution : Atlas V

Paper birds / Federico Carlini, German Heller / Argentina / 201 / 30'

Paper Birds tells the story of Toto, a child with an exceptional talent for music. He must find his way through the darkness to bring back his sister, taken away by her shadow. Follow him as you step into a miniature toy-like town to confront his grandfather and reveal the truth about the mystery of the Paper Birds.

This journey uses the senses to evoque our inner darkness, and the mystery that lies within it. The unknown that we’re often afraid to see. A story about inspiration, intuition, emotion and how these qualities are invoked by the music.

Production, : 3Dar, German Heller, Federico Carlini y Averie Timm

Distribution : Atlas V

Madrid noir /James A. Castillo / Voices: Godeliv Van Den Brandt and Fernando Guillén Cuervo / 42'

Madrid, 1950. When Lola, a young woman, arrives in Madrid to move the flat of her old uncle who has disappeared, she has no idea of what she will discover. Interactive experience in real time 3D animation.


Production : Atlas V, No ghosts

Distribution : Atlas V

4 feet high / Maria Belen Poncio / 42'

Juana, 18, is in a wheelchair and ashamed of her body. In her last year of high school, she starts to explore her identity. Little by little, she will build her own pride and voice.


Production : Arte, Marianne Levy-Leblond / Detona Cultura / Red Corner