Breakfast with Déjalo Ser

  An interview with Txema Novelo, director of Déjalo Ser  Which cameras did you use to shoot? How did you create that 80’s style? I shoot Déjalo Ser entirely on Super […]

14 February 2018

The 2018 festival, day 9: A last Expresso for the road, a prize list and a Vercingetorix!

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14 February 2018
Tea time with <em>Kampung Tapir</em>

Tea time with Kampung Tapir

  An interview with See Wee Aw, director of Kampung Tapir  Is Kampung Tapir city real or imaginary? Kampung Tapir is a fictional place, but it is inspired by most […]

14 February 2018

Dinner with Nachtschade

  An interview with Shady El-Hamus, director of Nachtschade  Why did you want to focus a film on an illegal immigrants transporter? It all started with some CCTV footage I […]

14 February 2018

Night cap with Ugly

  An interview with Nikita Diakur, director of Ugly  How much were you interested in small acts of malice and reality’s hardness? It is something that everyone encounters. Plus, small […]

14 February 2018

Tea time with Manivald

  An interview with Chintis Lundgren, director of Manivald  What gave you the idea of using foxes and wolves to tell this story? I like to use anthropomorphic characters because […]

13 February 2018

Dinner with The Sacred Disease

  An interview with Erica Scoggins, director of The Sacred Disease  Why were you interested in hopeless diseases? By hopeless, do you mean incurable, chronic, or unexplainable? The Sacred Disease is […]

13 February 2018

Night cap with Parades (Fabula Rasa)

  An interview with Sarah Arnold, director of Parades (Fabula Rasa)  How did you come up with the idea of the encounter and the kidnapping in Parades? I wanted an […]

12 February 2018

Breakfast with Piled Cloud

  An interview with Cheuk Man Wong, director of Piled Cloud  How did you get the inspiration for Piled cloud ? I was inspired by an experience of a friend. My friend […]

12 February 2018

Lunch with The Hamsa

  An interview with Gadzhimurad Efendiev, director of The Hamsa  Could you explain to us what “hamsa” means and what it refers to here? Hamsa, in Arabic, means five, exactly […]

12 February 2018
Clermont ISFF | #ClermontFF18 | Clermont ISFF
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