Lunch with Rien d’important

Interview with François Robic, director of Rien d’important  Where did you get the idea for Rien d’important?  After making a documentary where I’d filmed my sister and her friends I wanted […]

3 February 2023

Dinner with Auxiliaire

Interview with Lucas Bacle, director of d’Auxiliaire Can you tell us little bit about how your film came about? It’s the story of a young man with a disability […]

1 February 2023

Lunch with Cut

Interview with Min-zun Son, director of Cut What was the starting point for Cut? I always have a longing for acting in the field. However, the minor actor didn’t have […]

1 February 2023

Dinner with Please Hold the Line

Interview with  Ce Ding Tan, director of Please Hold the Line Can you tell us a bit about your choice of using 4:3-ratio cinematography?The 4:3 framing is to drive […]

31 January 2023

Tea time with Amarres

Interview with Valentine Caille, director of Amarres  What did you wish to explore through Livia and Louis’ relationship? The complexity of sibling love. I think that brothers and sisters are […]

31 January 2023

Lunch avec Koha wa Tapaha [Hills and Mountains]

Interview with Salar Pashtoonyar, director of Koha wa Tapaha [Hills and Mountains] In Koha wa Tapaha, we hear the voice of the main character as she tells her story, […]

31 January 2023

Breakfast with Écorchée [Skinned]

Interview with Joachim Hérissé, director of Écorchée [Skinned] What did you want to explore in this relationship between the two women? Who or what inspired this relationship between them?With […]

31 January 2023

Nightcap with Baile Entretenido [Fun Dance]

Interview with Casandra Campo Ernst, director of Baile Entretenido [Fun Dance] Your film features a lead character who comes back home and reunites with her former friends. Did you […]

31 January 2023

Dinner with Tom veut rentrer [Tom Wants Home]

Interview with Arthur Bacry and Marianne Gaudillère, co-directors of Tom veut rentrer [Tom Wants Home] Who inspired these characters for you? What did you want to explore through their […]

30 January 2023

Tea time with Von der Flüchtigkeit eines Geschmacks [A Transient Taste]

Interview with Eva Neidlinger, director of Von der Flüchtigkeit eines Geschmacks [A Transient Taste] Where is the story set? How familiar are you with this region and this world?Von […]

30 January 2023
Clermont ISFF | director | Clermont ISFF
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