Dinner with The House of Loss

Interview with Jinkyu Jeon, director of The House of Loss   Can you tell us more about the choice of title?Ten years ago, when I was working in a senior care […]

24 January 2023

Tea time with TsutsuƐ

Interview with Amartei Amar, director of TsutsuƐ What was the starting point of TsutsuƐ?TsutsuƐ was born through three spiritually interwoven true stories. The first was from an experience our […]

24 January 2023

Lunch with Pentola

Interview with Leo Černic, director of Pentola How did you get the inspiration for Pentola?Although Pentola may seem like a pretty silly film (and it certainly is!), it stems from […]

24 January 2023

Dernier verre avec Serpêhatiyên Neqewimî [Things Unheard Of]

Interview with Ramazan Kılıç, director of Serpêhatiyên Neqewimî [Things Unheard Of] Your previous short was at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Can you tell us how you came up […]

24 January 2023

Tea time with Diabeł [The Devil]

Interview with Jan Bujnowski, director of Diabeł [The Devil] Who is the devil here and what does he represent? Why did you choose to portray him this way?    […]

23 January 2023

Lunch with Amok

Interview with Balázs Turai, director of Amok  Why did you choose this topic?I was reading about Jung’s concept of the shadow, the part of our psyche that remains hidden […]

23 January 2023

Dinner with The Age of Innocence

   Interview with Maximilian Bungarten, director of The Age of Innocence  Who or what inspired you the character of Lev?Young men that work on a construction sites. In Germany, […]

22 January 2023

Expresso Video – Damien Salama

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Damien Salama about his short film Notre doctrine selected in the 2021 National Competition (F11 programme).

15 February 2021
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