Dinner with Tom veut rentrer [Tom Wants Home]

Interview with Arthur Bacry and Marianne Gaudillère, co-directors of Tom veut rentrer [Tom Wants Home] Who inspired these characters for you? What did you want to explore through their […]

30 January 2023

Breakfast with Clean

Interview with Miranda Stern, director of Clean It’s a very candid piece of work. What was the context and what were your motivations for telling this story?Scientific research exploring […]

27 January 2023

Nightcap with The Phantom Touch

Interview with Pablo Cuturrufo, director of The Phantom Touch How did you construct your narrative from the VR chats in The Phantom Touch? Did you approach users with the project […]

27 January 2023

Dinner with Big Bang

Interview with Carlos Segundo, director of Big Bang  What interested you in the relationship to extreme heat in Big Bang?Big Bang is the second short film in a trilogy […]

26 January 2023

Tea time with 48 Hours

Interview with Azadeh Moussavi, director of 48 Hours The film is a very moving account of a father’s struggle. What inspired you to tell his story?This film is inspired by […]

26 January 2023

Dinner with La Mécanique des fluides [The Mechanics of Fluids]

Interview with Gala Hernández López, director of La Mécanique des fluides [The Mechanics of Fluids] What prompted you to make a film about the issues raised by the messages […]

25 January 2023

Nightcap with La Lutte est une fin [The Struggle Is the End]

Interview with Arthur Thomas–Pavlowsky, director of La Lutte est une fin [The Struggle Is the End] Your film talks about boxing as a legitimate outlet for countering injustice and […]

25 January 2023

Tea time with TsutsuƐ

Interview with Amartei Amar, director of TsutsuƐ What was the starting point of TsutsuƐ?TsutsuƐ was born through three spiritually interwoven true stories. The first was from an experience our […]

24 January 2023

Lunch with Pentola

Interview with Leo Černic, director of Pentola How did you get the inspiration for Pentola?Although Pentola may seem like a pretty silly film (and it certainly is!), it stems from […]

24 January 2023

Breakfast with I Once Was Lost

Interview with Emma Limon, director of I Once Was Lost  What was the starting point for writing the script? My father has an incredible memory, not just for details about […]

24 January 2023
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