Dinner with Persona

Interview with Sujin Moon, director of Persona What was you inspiration for Persona?My inspiration was my eagerness to understand myself. When I was in the preproductionphase of the film, […]

28 January 2023

Breakfast with El Sembrador de Estrellas [The Sower of Stars]

Interview with Lois Patiño, director of El Sembrador de Estrellas [The Sower of Stars] How often do you work on poetry? Did you write a part of El Sembrador […]

28 January 2023

Tea time with A Short Story

Interview with Bi Gan, director of A Short Story What inspired you to make A Short Story?The inspiration for the script is the bedtime stories I often made up […]

27 January 2023

Nightcap with The Phantom Touch

Interview with Pablo Cuturrufo, director of The Phantom Touch How did you construct your narrative from the VR chats in The Phantom Touch? Did you approach users with the project […]

27 January 2023

Lunch with Paradiso, XXXI, 108

Interview with Kamal Aljafari, director of Paradiso, XXXI, 108  Where and when does Paradiso, XXXI, 108 take place?Paradiso, XXXI, 108 is taking place in Al-Naqab desert, in the south […]

26 January 2023

Dinner with La Mécanique des fluides [The Mechanics of Fluids]

Interview with Gala Hernández López, director of La Mécanique des fluides [The Mechanics of Fluids] What prompted you to make a film about the issues raised by the messages […]

25 January 2023

Breakfast with Fantasy in a Concrete Jungle

Interview with Mehedi Mostafa, director of Fantasy in a Concrete Jungle How much are you interested in urbanization? Do you have further projects on this topic?I studied architecture in […]

25 January 2023

Lunch with Pentola

Interview with Leo Černic, director of Pentola How did you get the inspiration for Pentola?Although Pentola may seem like a pretty silly film (and it certainly is!), it stems from […]

24 January 2023

Lunch with Amok

Interview with Balázs Turai, director of Amok  Why did you choose this topic?I was reading about Jung’s concept of the shadow, the part of our psyche that remains hidden […]

23 January 2023

Tea time with Please Make It Work

Interview with Daniel Soares, director of Please Make it Work  Did you use an in-camera editing technique, without additional elements? Is it for you an experiment or a routine?The film is […]

22 January 2023
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