Dinner with Tom veut rentrer [Tom Wants Home]

Interview with Arthur Bacry and Marianne Gaudillère, co-directors of Tom veut rentrer [Tom Wants Home] Who inspired these characters for you? What did you want to explore through their […]

30 January 2023

Dinner with Big Bang

Interview with Carlos Segundo, director of Big Bang  What interested you in the relationship to extreme heat in Big Bang?Big Bang is the second short film in a trilogy […]

26 January 2023

Tea time with Bellus

Interview with Alexis Pazoumian, director of Bellus What did you want to explore through the relationship between Michel and Santos in the film?Bellus follows Michel’s inner and spiritual journey. […]

25 January 2023

Breakfast with Go Fishboy

Interview with Denise Cirone, Sebastian Doringer, Andrey Kolesov, Chiayu Liu, Zhen Tian and Lan Zhou, co-directors of Go Fishboy Was Go Fishboy’s conception starting point an idea or a […]

23 January 2023

Dinner with Le Feu au lac [Fire at the Lake]

Interview with Pierre Menahem, director of Le Feu au lac [Fire at the Lake] How did you come up with the idea for Le Feu au lac?  At the outset, […]

21 January 2023

Nightcap with I Kemi Varros Baballarët

Interview with Hekuran Isufi, director of I Kemi Varros Baballarët I Kemi Varros Baballarët deals with Dardan’s return  from France to Kosovo to visit his father’s grave. What were […]

21 January 2023

Breakfast with Bonne soirée [Good Evening]

Interview with Antoine Giorgini, director of Bonne soirée [Good Evening] How did you come up with the idea for this short film? This initial situation (a migrant taking shelter in a […]

20 January 2023

Lunch with Des jeunes filles enterrent leur vie [Bachelorette Party]

Interview with Maïté Sonnet, director of Des jeunes filles enterrent leur vie [Bachelorette Party] After Massacre, you’ve made Des jeunes filles enterrent leur vie which is more of a comedy. What […]

19 January 2023
Tchau Tchau-3-RVB

Lunch with Tchau tchau

Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira, director of Tchau tchau What was the context for you coming up with Tchau tchau ? This film comes out of a particular context, when the […]

10 February 2022

Short Talk – Lucie Prost

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Lucie Prost about her short film Va dans les bois selected in the 2022 National Competition (F3 programme).

8 February 2022
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