Tea time with The Elevator

Interview with Dong Jiang, director of The Elevator How did you come up with the idea for The Elevator?The original idea came from a television news piece that talked about […]

3 February 2023

Lunch with Le Jour où j’étais perdu [One Day When I Was Lost]

Interview with Soufiane Adel, director of Le Jour où j’étais perdu [One Day When I Was Lost]  alk to us about the bond that unites the Voyager and Alain’s […]

2 February 2023

Breakfast with Las Criaturas Que se Derriten Bajo el Sol [The Melting Creatures]

Interview with Diego Céspedes, director of Las Criaturas Que se Derriten Bajo el Sol [The Melting Creatures] How did you get the inspiration for Las Criaturas Que se Derriten […]

1 February 2023

Breakfast with Aban

Interview with Abbas Taheri and Mahdieh Toosi, co-directors of Aban What has inspired Aban’s character?Abbas: My cousin struggled to get his real gender by surgery in a patriarchal family. His […]

27 January 2023

Dinner with Big Bang

Interview with Carlos Segundo, director of Big Bang  What interested you in the relationship to extreme heat in Big Bang?Big Bang is the second short film in a trilogy […]

26 January 2023

Tea time with Bellus

Interview with Alexis Pazoumian, director of Bellus What did you want to explore through the relationship between Michel and Santos in the film?Bellus follows Michel’s inner and spiritual journey. […]

25 January 2023

Nightcap with La Lutte est une fin [The Struggle Is the End]

Interview with Arthur Thomas–Pavlowsky, director of La Lutte est une fin [The Struggle Is the End] Your film talks about boxing as a legitimate outlet for countering injustice and […]

25 January 2023

Breakfast with I Once Was Lost

Interview with Emma Limon, director of I Once Was Lost  What was the starting point for writing the script? My father has an incredible memory, not just for details about […]

24 January 2023

Breakfast with Go Fishboy

Interview with Denise Cirone, Sebastian Doringer, Andrey Kolesov, Chiayu Liu, Zhen Tian and Lan Zhou, co-directors of Go Fishboy Was Go Fishboy’s conception starting point an idea or a […]

23 January 2023

Lunch with El After del Mundo

Interview with Florentina Gonzalez, director of El After del Mundo What made you choose to locate this encounter in the middle of an environment in a process of destruction?I’m […]

22 January 2023
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