Lunch with Night of the Living Dicks

Interview with Ilja Rautsi, director of Night of the Living Dicks The film tackles the question of what toxic masculinity and rape culture are. What’s the audience reaction been […]

14 February 2022

Tea time with Sarira

Interview with Mingyang Li, director of Sarira How was Sarira born? The reason for the birth is because I always wanted to shoot a film about religious themes. I like the […]

12 February 2022

Short talk – Arthur Jaquier

Watch the interview with the Swiss filmmaker Arthur Jaquier about his short film Avec Calvin selected in the 2022 International Competition (I6 programme).

10 February 2022

Tea time with Sierra

Interview with Sander Joon, director of Sierra What inspired you to make Sierra, an animation film that deals with the pressures parents can put on their children?After talking to […]

10 February 2022

Tea time with Wasteland

Interview with Tack Lee, director of Wasteland How was Wasteland born?After finishing film school, I quickly began thinking about my next film. The first one had dealt with a […]

9 February 2022

Lunch with Los Conspiradores [The Conspirators]

Interview with Luis E. Parés, director of Los Conspiradores [The Conspirators] How did you decide on this topic and protagonists to make a film about?I love the films in […]

9 February 2022

Tea time with CAI-BER

Interview with Ahmed Abdelsalam, director of CAI-BER Is the character of Nour based on someone you know?The character of Nour is a portrait of my generation, facing social oppression […]

8 February 2022

Tea time with A Hidden Trail

Interview with Hsuan Kang Tsai, director of A Hidden Trail Your film deals with migrant workers who carry felled logs in the forest. Did you gather a lot of […]

7 February 2022
Amélie Bonnin (56)

Short Talk – Geordy Couturiau

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Geordy Couturiau about his short films Lucienne dans un monde sans solitude et La Flûte enchantée selected in the 2022 National Competition […]

7 February 2022

Lunch with Au-delà des murs

Interview with Rémi Sogadji, director of Au-delà des murs In Au-delà des murs were you interested in the question of the limits we’ll go to for love?A little context […]

7 February 2022
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