Breakfast with Tjejtoan 4-ever [Catcave Hysteria]

Interview with Angelika Abramovitch, director of Tjejtoan 4-ever [Catcave Hysteria] To somebody who hasn’t seen Tjejtoan 4-ever, how would you introduce it?Three stories take place during one night at […]

11 February 2022

Nightcap with Lemongrass Girl

Interview with Pom Bunsermvicha, director of Lemongrass Girl What does lemongrass plant mean in Thailand?Lemongrass is an herbal plant that is used for multiple purposes. There are two types […]

11 February 2022

Dinner with Harta

Interview with Júlia de Paz Solvas, director of Harta How was Harta born?Harta was born as a response to the violence that women live daily and the little representation […]

10 February 2022
Tchau Tchau-3-RVB

Lunch with Tchau tchau

Interview with Cristèle Alves Meira, director of Tchau tchau What was the context for you coming up with Tchau tchau ? This film comes out of a particular context, when the […]

10 February 2022

Breakfast with Le Cormoran [The Cormorant]

Interview with Lubna Playoust, director of Le Cormoran [The Cormorant] What interested you in the mother-daughter relationship?Childhood bonding and its evolution through time, and the subtle elements that reveal […]

9 February 2022

Lunch with L’Arrivée du Soleil dans votre signe [The Arrival of the Sun in Your Sign]

Interview with Lisa Giacchero, director of L’Arrivée du soleil dans votre signe [The Sun’s Entry Into Your Sign] Are the characters Karine and Sylvain based on real people? How […]

8 February 2022
Amélie Bonnin (59)

Short Talk – Fan Sissoko

Watch the interview with the French-Malian filmmaker Fan Sissoko about her short film On the Surface selected in the 2022 International Competition (I4 programme).

7 February 2022

Lunch with Masire moshtarak [A Shared Path]

Interview with Negar Naghavi, director of Masire moshtarak [A Shared Path] Why did you decide to tell this story?In my first sketch, the idea was to show the relationship […]

6 February 2022
Amélie Bonnin (11)

Short Talk – Ingrid Chikhaoui

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Ingrid Chikhaoui about her short film Trois grains de gros sel selected in the 2022 National Competition.

5 February 2022
Image Caption

Dinner withGet Ready. Off to the Feast

Interview with Lamara Sogomonian, director of Get Ready. Off to the Feast What was the starting point of Get Ready. Off to the Feast?It’s all started from the article. […]

5 February 2022
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