Lunch with Night of the Living Dicks

Interview with Ilja Rautsi, director of Night of the Living Dicks The film tackles the question of what toxic masculinity and rape culture are. What’s the audience reaction been […]

14 February 2022

Tea time with Sarira

Interview with Mingyang Li, director of Sarira How was Sarira born? The reason for the birth is because I always wanted to shoot a film about religious themes. I like the […]

12 February 2022
A Day’s Work-3-RVB

Lunch with A Day’s Work

Interview with Max Kerkhoff, director of A Day’s Work  Why did you want to make a film on Myanmar? Do you have a special link with this country ? […]

12 February 2022
Invisible Eyes-RVB

Breakfast with Invisible Eyes

Interview with Seung-hee Jung, director of Invisible Eyes What was the starting point of Invisible Eyes? What draws you to make a film which deals with childhood, cruelty, and nature?   […]

12 February 2022
Ir y volver

Nightcap with Ir y Volver [To Go Away and Come Back]

Interview with José Permar, director of Ir y Volver This is clearly a deeply personal and intimate project. Can you tell me what inspired you to make it?  It […]

12 February 2022

Dinner with Joy

Interview with Alexandra Brodski, director of Joy What did you want to explore through your two protagonists’ relationship?  I wanted to explore the complex dynamics of power and dependency […]

11 February 2022

Short Talk – Laure Desmazières

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Laure Desmazières about her short film Voyage à Santarém selected in the 2022 National Competition (F6 programme).

11 February 2022

Short Talk – Florian Elabdi & Michael Graversen

Watch the interview with the Danish filmmakers Florian Elabdi and Michael Graversen about their short film Ghosts of Mória selected in the 2022 International Competition (I8 programme).

11 February 2022

Tea time with Happiness Is a Journey

Interview with Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan, co-directors of Happiness Is a Journey How did you get into the idea of shooting newspaper delivery workers?Our old office was in […]

11 February 2022

Short Talk – Max Kerkhoff

Watch the interview with the German filmmaker Max Kerkhoff about his short film A Day’s Work selected in the 2022 Lab Competition (L1 programme).

11 February 2022
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