Educational tools

From sound to image, a serious game of sound in cinema

From the age of 8


From sound to image is a serious game to understand sound in cinema.

Let yourself be carried by the voices, the music, the sound effects in the cinema and try to recognize how sounds are recorded in the cinema.

Sound Workshop, sound editing software on silent film

From 10 years old


Arte has developed Sound Workshop, a sound editing software for silent movies.

Choose a movie, sound effects, music and sounds and create your soundtrack.

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Anim 2.0, animation awareness software

Starting from 7 years old


Anim 2.0 is an animation awareness software developed by the Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille.

DVDRom the Apprentice director


CDRom Learning to read moving images Clothespins

How is the image composed? How are the sounds arranged? How is the montage structured? The Learning to Read Moving Images CD-ROM is intended for middle and high school teachers wishing to integrate cinematographic and audiovisual language into their teaching.

The CD-ROM gives general tools on the filmic construction (frame, sound, image) and allows a sequential analysis of the film The clothespins of Joël Brisse, that serves as a guide to this discovery.

The sequences can be used in their continuity or independently, and offer several sections (backstage creation, film analysis tracks ...), as well as tools to facilitate the use of the CD in an educational context.




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