Reserved to cinema and audiovisual industry members.

A Shortfilmwire+ subscription gives you access to the following services:

  • Access to contacts of the participants of the Short Film Market
  • Search & get in touch with relevant contacts to arrange your meetings
  • Save & edit your lists to send targeted message
  • Browse through the Clermont-Ferrand database of 100 000+ film cards
  • Access to the Market catalog with 8000 recent registrations
  • Easily access right holders contact details
  • Watch the pitches and access the details of the film projects presented as part of the Euro Connection program
  • Discover the market delegations and their original productions
  • Discover the market programs: the latest news offered to broadcasters and programmers by promotion and distribution agencies
  • Access in replay to all the professional events, round tables and official presentations of the Short Film Market
  • Advanced search options to refine your searches for films and contacts
  • An internal messenger to connect with participants, plan your meetings or video calls.
  • Easy access to your lists of industry contacts of your networks.
  • Creation, modification and sharing of your film lists
  • Watch the latest productions in HD
  • Over 8000 recent international titles available for 11 months
  • Contact the right holders directly



* With a Shortfilmwire+ subscription, professionals attending the Short Film Market on site can extend their online viewing until December 31.


* Viewing is only possible if authorised by the rights holder of the short film.



  • Watch the live broadcasts of our events and conferences
  • Contact other participants via instant messaging
  • Access the contact details of the short film right holders.
Shortfilmwire+ is an annual subscription which gives you access to exclusive services for 60 Euros excluding VAT
Note : A Shortfilmwire+ subscription does not exempt you from making an accreditation demand if you plan to attend the Short Film Market on place.
Create or sign in to your account, then choose "Get an Industry Account". Once it has been validated by our staff, you will be able to subscribe to Shortfilmwire+
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