Prepare my visit

Before the event

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  • From your inudstry account, check your contact details and choose your assignments, so that other participants can contact you more easily.


  • Consult the list of participants (available from 10 January) to prepare and plan your meetings. You can access the contact details directly or use our internal messaging system to get in touch with other participants on site and remotely.


  • Make your appointments through the  MEDIA Rendez-vous secretariat (available from 10 January). This is an area open during the whole of the short film market, from 9 am to 7 pm, for 30-minute appointments.


  • Check our event listing (available from 16 January). Events requiring registration will be available from 22 January. Try to include the many Meet&Greet events organised throughout the event in your planning. They will allow you to get in touch with other participants and maintain your network.


  • Be prepared to meet the people with whom you regularly interact, make new contacts and gather information on current market trends.


Accreditation to participate on site

  • Accreditation gives you access to the on-site Short Film Market, all festival screenings and professional events.
    To get accredited, simply apply for accreditation from our digital hub To apply for accreditation, you must have a professional account*. The process is explained step by step in a user guide.
    Once your accreditation application has been validated, you will be able to take advantage of our Shortfilmwire+ digital services integrated with the accreditation from January 10th onwards from our digital hub.

    • This will allow you to get in touch with other participants and with the contacts of the films in the Short Film Market catalogue to prepare your meetings beforehand.
    • Once you have collected your accreditation on site, you will also have viewing access to the Short Film Market Catalogue until 10 February.



Subscribe to participate remotely


  • If you can't make it to the event this year, you can still access some of the Short Film Market events remotely.
    To participate remotely, all you need to do is subscribe to Shortfilmwire+. This annual subscription is available on, the digital hub of the Festival and Market. To subscribe to Shortfilmwire+, you must have a professional account*. The process is explained step by step in a user guide.
    Once your subscription has been validated, you will be able to take advantage of our Shortfilmwire+ digital services as part of your accreditation for one year.

    • All presentations and panel discussions taking place in our FORUM conference rooms and the IADT are streamed live and available for replay on our digital hub
    • This digital hub will allow you to get in touch with other participants, on site or remotely, and to access contact details of films included in the Short Film Market Catalogue.
    • You will also have access to the screening from 3 to 10 February.


* If you do not have an industry account, you will first need to create an account on the platform and then fill in our industry account application form. This request will then be processed by our teams. Do not hesitate to consult our instructions for use which explain the steps to follow.

If you are looking for short films

  • Parcourez le Catalogue Marché (disponible dès le 15 décembre) et utilisez les options de recherche avancées pour identifier les films que vous aimeriez voir, puis visionnez** ces court métrages pendant l'événement. Le catalogue Marché vous donne accès à tous les films qui ont été soumis aux compétitions du Festival du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand et aux coordonnées des cinéastes. Ajoutez, modifiez vos listes de films à tout moment. Prenez contacts avec les ayants droit des films soit directement par notre messagerie interne, soit en accédant aux coordonnées.
    Browse the Market Catalogue (available from 15 December) and use the advanced search options to identify the films you would like to see, then watch** these short films during the event. The Market Catalogue gives you access to all the films that have been submitted to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival competitions and the filmmakers' contact details. Add or modify your film lists at any time. Contact the film's rights holders either directly through our internal messaging system or by accessing their contact details.


  • Check out the market programmes (available from 10 January) and attend these screenings to preview the latest productions. The market screenings are an excellent opportunity to see the latest productions proposed by distributors or film agencies. You can see them on the big screen and meet their representatives.


  • Check out the festival programme (available from 10 January) and discover the films in theatres.


  • Identify exhibitors and their film catalogue on our delegations list (available from 10 January). Access exhibitors' contact details, view their registered film catalogue, and then arrange meetings with exhibitors, who can provide advice and key information. 


** For on-site participants, the short films will be available for viewing as soon as you pick up your accreditation on site. You will then be able to view the films at the market's video library, at your hotel or later from your home or office. Screening will remain available until February 10 and can be extended with a Shortfilmwire+ subscription until the end of the year.
For on-site participants, access to the screening will have to wait until 3 February. The screening will remain available until 10 February and cannot be extended.

If you distribute or promote short films

  • Identify the buyers, distributors, exhibitors and festival representatives you want to meet and save them in your contact lists, which you can find under the My Networks tab in your Shortfilmwire account. Then set up meetings in advance of the event by accessing the contact information or through the internal messaging system. Don't hesitate to include the direct link to your film file so that they can consult it if necessary. Try to meet with festival programmers, so that they can identify you in the future. Try to find co-producers in other countries for your future projects.


  • Take a close look at our events list to find the buyer presentations you don't want to miss, or to register for our Meet the Distributors and Meet the Festivals sessions from 23 January.


  • View the viewing statistics of your short films from the My Films section of your account and send follow-up messages if necessary. This feature is only available if you are registered as a director, producer or sales contact on the film in question.

Conference 2020 de Clarissa Jacobson " I made a short film. WTF do I do with ?

If you are developing new projects

  • Identify the producers, support structures, film commissions and aid funds you wish to meet and save them in your contact lists, which you will find under the My networks tab in your Shortfilmwire account. Then set up meetings before the event by accessing the contact details or using the internal messaging system.


  • Rencontrez d'autres porteurs de projets et des structures d'accompagnement à l'espace Agora du Marché. Consultez l'agenda des événements et identifiez les événements (à partir du 16 janvier) de type 'Création'.
    Meet other project leaders and support structures at the Market's Agora space. Check out the events listing and look out for the 'Creation' events (from 16 January).


  • If you are serious about participating in co-productions, check the book of selected projects at Euro Connection and send in your registration form to access the pitching sessions and attend the meetings.


  • Organise meetings with exhibitors, i.e. film and media organisations with a stand under the Delegations tab, where you can gather information about the opportunities offered by major festivals, companies, organisations, funds and resources available in the different regions or countries.


After the event

  • Have you made any interesting contacts? Things are just getting started. Keep in touch with the people you met at the Short Film Market. Your Shortfilmwire account will help you find your contact details and film references.


  • Missed some of the presentations and round tables? Check our events listing and watch the replay.