Buena Vista Local Club


Create special links with the festival and contribute to the cultural influence.
Gather and unite your teams around a leading event for cultural life.
Exchanging with your teams in an unusual context, create unforgettable moments around a city living the rhythm of the Festival for 10 days.
Enhance the image of your company by associating yourself with an event of international stature recognized worldwide as the leader in its sector: the short film.


With its 162,000 admissions and 3,500 accredited professionals, the International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand reaches a wide audience.
However, the association wants to build close links with local businesses.
The idea of creating this club came from a meeting between the Cabinet Archer - Chaizy and the Festival, with a common wish to create bridges between two worlds whose activity differs but with the desire for a better knowledge of each other in order to share exceptional moments.
Buena Vista Local Club is born from this common desire not to live the Festival together. With a schedule for its members, sessions, meetings and exchanges around the year respecting the key dates of the Festival.


Pricing 2016-2017 : 800 € VAT included

Membership includes:
- 2 accreditations per company giving access to all the screenings of the Festival
- 2 invitations for the opening night
- 2 invitations for the closing ceremony
- 50 tickets
- 2 large + 2 small Festival posters
- 2 Festival bags

And encounters: There are 4 of them, respecting key dates of the calendar of the Festival.


October: Launch and presentation of the club and its members at La Jetée. Presentation of the 2017 poster. Projection of a featured short film program of the 2016 edition.

December: Breakfast at tLa Jetée. Giving-out of posters, postcards, tickets, accreditations and bags.

February / March: Projection of a featured short film program of the 2017 edition.

June: Encounter (to be defined).