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Buyers presentations / Canal+ & Ciné+

Canal+ is a Pay TV and SVOD service, only for subscribers. Each year, the Group purchases around 80 French and Foreign films, which are broadcast on air in a 45-minutes […]

1 February 2021
Jean-Marc Vallee-RVB

Masterclass 2021 – Jean-Marc Vallée

Exceptional online masterclass with the Quebec filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée, hosted by Lebanese journalist Abla Kandalaft. This content is no longer available.


Conference 2020 – Dancefilm

Discover dancefilm rising as a new market worldwide! Why is the dance film imposing itself today as a new genre that questions our societies? Several international experts will present […]


Conference 2020 – Focus on Low Capacity Production Countries within the EU

Talent Development, Minority Co-production and Distribution issues. The MEDIA programme makes a distinction between countries with high (5), medium (9) or low (21) audiovisual production capacity. This panel will […]

5 February 2020

Conference 2020 – I Made A Short Film Now What The Fuck Do I Do With It?

Clarissa Jacobson, award-winning filmmaker, will share her experience in film festival distribution and talk about her book, I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It […]

5 February 2020

FORUM 2020 – UR / Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

Wednesday 5th of February 2020 at 10am. Speakers: Gabriella Thinsz, Head of content, Annelie Morey, Acquisition executive at Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company. A video directed by the students of the […]

5 February 2020
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