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Just Spainted – New Spanish Shorts 2021 (with sangría)

The Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), together with the regional short film catalogues and other agents of our short film ecosystem will present a new generation of […]

3 February 2021

Spreading Shorts | The Italian Job

The panel focuses on the promotion of Italian short films through the work of different realities. The Italian Short Film Center will talk about the promotion of Italian films through […]

2 February 2021

Is animation COVID proof?

The COVID-19 impacted quite strongly the film industry in the last year, at every production level. We heard a lot of stuff about animation being less impacted by the pandemic […]

2 February 2021

Buyer Presentation / ARTE

The Germano-French teams of ARTE are happy to present their buying and pre-buying strategies for short and mid-lengh films, broadcast on French and German TV on the “Court Circuit” show […]

2 February 2021

Polish Shorts – Meet the Polish Shorts Delegation!

Get a chance to know who is who in the Polish Shorts delegation! Representatives of the most important film institutions, film schools, short film festivals as well as production and […]

2 February 2021

Meet the CEC Talents

Join us and get to know young talents from Central European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia) with a film in the festival program or a project in the Euro Connection. […]

1 February 2021
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