Short Talk – Elizabeth Rocha Salgado

Watch the interview with the Brazilian filmmaker Elizabeth Rocha Salgado about her short film São Paulo Open Wound selected in the 2022 International Competition (I1 programme).

14 February 2022

Breakfast with Holodno [It’s Cold]

Interview with Danil Ivanov, director of Holodno [It’s Cold] What has inspired you to shoot Holodno?On YouTube, I found a video where a former police officer was telling the […]

4 February 2022
São Paulo Open Wound-RVB

Breakfast with São Paulo Open Wound

Interview with Elizabeth Rocha Salgado, director of São Paulo Open Wound How did you meet the Mamba Negra collective? I have been in one of their parties in Rio de […]

27 January 2022

Breakfast with Sestry [Sisters]

Interview with Andrea Szelesová, director of Sestry [Sisters] Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration and the story behind the story of Sestry?I thought for a long time […]

26 January 2022

Expresso Video – Aida Esther Bueno Sarduy

Watch the interview with the Cuban filmmaker Aida Esther Bueno Sarduy about her short film Guillermina selected in the 2021 International Competition (I1 programme).

2 March 2021
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