Hidden Road-RVB-min

Lunch with Hidden Road

Interview with Cheol Hwi Kim, director of Hidden Road Can you tell us a bit about your inspirations and the story behind Hidden Road?It began with the image of two […]

21 January 2022
Cinco estrellas-2-RVB

Tea time with Cinco Estrellas [Five Stars]

Interview with Roberto Jiménez Bozada, director of Cinco Estrellas [Five Stars] Where did the idea of Cinco estrellas come from?The idea comes from a news story I read. An […]

19 January 2022

Nightcap with That Workman’s Arm

Interview with Simon London, director of That Workman’s Arm What motivated you to tell the story of these two characters? What did you want to explore through their relationship?I […]

16 January 2022

Expresso Video – Kyuho Sim

Watch the interview with the South Korean filmmaker Kyuho Sim about his short film Disillusioned selected in the 2021 International Competition (I2 programme).

2 March 2021

Expresso Video – Arkadij Khaet & Mickey Paatzsch

Watch the interview with the German filmmakers Arkadij Khaet and Mickey Paatzsch about their short film Masel Tov Cocktail selected in the 2021 International Competition (I2 programme)

4 February 2021

Night cap with Turbine

  An interview with Alex Boya, director of Turbine  Would it be correct to see an analogy with the current impact on the way new technology has immersed itself in […]

4 February 2019
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