La Flûte enchantée

Amélie Bonnin (56)

Short Talk – Geordy Couturiau

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Geordy Couturiau about his short films Lucienne dans un monde sans solitude et La Flûte enchantée selected in the 2022 National Competition […]

7 February 2022
La flûte Enchantée-2-RVB

Tea time with La Flûte enchantée [The Magic Flute]

Interview with Geordy Couturiau, director of La Flûte enchantée [The Magic Flute] Tell us a bit about Momo and Arnaud. Are they based on people you know in real […]

27 January 2022
Clermont ISFF | La Flûte enchantée | Clermont ISFF
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