Expresso Video – Catarina Romano

Watch the interview with the Portuguese filmmaker Catarina Romano about her short film Seja Como For selected in the 2021 International Competition (I9 programme).

18 February 2021

Expresso Video – Tito González García

Watch the interview with the Chilean filmmaker Tito González García about his short film Sphinx selected in the 2021 National Competition (F6 programme).

4 February 2021

Expresso Video – Mei Liu

Watch the interview with the Chinese filmmaker Mei Liu about her short film Happy Ending selected in the 2021 International Competition (I4 programme).

24 January 2021

Expresso Video – Daniel Gray

Watch the interview with the Welsh filmmaker Daniel Gray about his short film HIDE selected in the 2021 Lab Competition (L2 programme).

23 January 2021

Breakfast with Invisível Herói [Invisible Hero]

  Interview with Christèle Alves Meira, director of Invisível Herói [Invisible Hero] The film, I believe, is staged, but it sometimes looks documentary. How did you achieve this result? Duarte […]

8 February 2020

Lunch with Mustererkenntnis [Pattern Cognition]

  Interview with Thorsten Fleisch, director of Mustererkenntnis [Pattern Cognition] How often do you direct cinematographic experiments? How many have you directed including a journey into extremely overcharged screens? I’ve been […]

8 February 2020

Dinner with Mascot

  Interview with Leeha Kim, director of Mascot What did you want to explore when creating this great character of a fox training in a mascot academy? I wanted to […]

8 February 2020

Breakfast with How to Breathe in Kern County

  Interview with Chris Filippone, director of How to Breathe in Kern County Where did you shoot? How did you select and find your film locations? I shot primarily in […]

7 February 2020

Lunch with Massacre

  Interview with Maïté Sonnet, director of Massacre Tell us a little about how Massacre came about. I wanted tell the story of a reversal, a passage: from powerlessness to […]

7 February 2020

Dinner with Blessed Land

  Interview with Lan Pham Ngoc, director of Blessed Land Why did you choose black and white? Actually, if you watch closely, you will notice the film has a tinge […]

7 February 2020
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