Expresso Video – Enrique Buleo

Watch the interview with the Spanish filmmaker Enrique Buleo about his short film El infierno y tal selected in the 2020 Lab Competition (L2 programme). A video directed by the students of […]

8 February 2020

Catch-up session with Festival Scope

  The Internet platform Festival Scope screens free online 23 award-winning films of the 40th International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand.   From Thursday, February 22 to Sunday, March 11, you can […]

21 February 2018

Breakfast with One Small Step

  An interview with Aqsa Altaf, director of One Small Step  What inspired you to tell this story? The main theme of the story is about making difficult choices – […]

18 February 2018

Breakfast with Saint Hubert

  An interview with Jules Comes, director of Saint Hubert  How did you work on image and light ? Saint Hubert was meant to be a cinematographic experience from the […]

17 February 2018

Dinner with Wave

  An interview with Benjamin Cleary, co-director of Wave  Can you tell us more about the context in which Wave was made. You’ve described it a side-project… My first film […]

17 February 2018

Night cap with Jeri’s Grill

  An interview with Ed Flynn, director of Jeri’s Grill  Can you tell us more about working with a theatre company on this film? What motivated you to create an […]

17 February 2018

Lunch with Crème de Menthe

  An interview with Jean Marc E. Roy and Philippe David Gagné, directors of Crème de Menthe  Why did you choose to represent the father as a hoarder? This happened […]

16 February 2018

Dinner with Un monde sans bêtes (Facing the Beast)

  An interview with Emma Benestan and Adrien Lecouturier, directors of Un monde sans bêtes (Facing the Beast)  How did you come up with the idea to make a film […]

16 February 2018

Lunch with Gueule d’Isère

  An interview with Esther Mysius and Camille Rouaud, directors of Gueule d’Isère  What made you want to set the film in a rural area? The mix of mountains, forests, […]

15 February 2018

Dinner with Œdipe [Oedipus]

  An interview with Tito Gonzalez Garcia, director of Œdipe [Oedipus]  Why did you choose the story of Oedipus? There are so many reasons. Perhaps the absence of rituals in […]

15 February 2018
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