Short talk – Isabella Margara

Watch the interview with the Greek filmmaker Isabella Margara about her short film Nothing Holier than a Dolphin selected in the 2023 International Competition (I9 programme).

4 February 2023

Dinner with The Age of Innocence

   Interview with Maximilian Bungarten, director of The Age of Innocence  Who or what inspired you the character of Lev?Young men that work on a construction sites. In Germany, […]

22 January 2023

Lunch with The Trapped Pig

Interview with Binghan Lin, director of The Trapped Pig When and where did you film this short? What was the situation with Covid? I shot this short film in Cining, […]

21 January 2023

Dinner with Palestine 87

Interview with Bilal Alkhatib, director of Palestine 87  The film is based on a true story. How did you hear about it? Why did you decide to tell it […]

20 January 2023
I-Strange Beasts-1-RVB

Dinner with Strange Beasts

Interview with Darcy Prendergast, director of Strange Beasts What’s your relation to Prenda? I suppose that was the starting point for wanting to tell this story?   Prenda is my animal-obsessed father, who […]

19 January 2023
Jon Vatne

Short Talk – Jon Vatne

Watch the interview with the Norwegian filmmaker Jon Vatne about his short film Motvind (Headwind) selected in the 2022 International Competition (I9 programme).

14 February 2022

Tea time with A Hidden Trail

Interview with Hsuan Kang Tsai, director of A Hidden Trail Your film deals with migrant workers who carry felled logs in the forest. Did you gather a lot of […]

7 February 2022

Breakfast with Ma nishtana [What Has Changed]

Interview with Salomon Chekol, director of Ma nishtana [What Has Changed] How was Ma nishtana born?The film was born when I thought about holiday packages we used to get […]

7 February 2022

Breakfast with Motvind [Headwind]

Interview with Jon Vatne, director of Motvind [Headwind] I have read that Motvind was written and shot during the first lockdown in the spring of 2020. What was the […]

6 February 2022

Tea time with Night of the Living Dread

Interview with Ida Melum, director of Night of the Living Dread Night of the Living Dread is really relatable. Were you inspired by your own experience with anxiety?Absolutely. I […]

3 February 2022
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