Short Talk – Nieto

Watch the interview with the Columbian filmmaker Nieto about his short film Swallow the Universe selected in the 2022 Lab Competition (L4 programme).

4 February 2022
Amélie Bonnin (52)

Short Talk – Leonid Shmelkov

Watch the interview with the Russian filmmaker Leonid Shmelkov about his short film Ogurtsy selected in the 2022 Lab Competition (L4 programme).

2 February 2022
Swallow the Universe-4-RVB

Breakfast with Swallow the Universe

Interview with Nieto, director of Swallow the Universe How have you heard of Daichi’s work?I was in Japan shooting a documentary about pets of Tokyo. I visited a club […]

1 February 2022

Breakfast with Ogurtsy [Cucumbers]

Interview with Leonid Shmelkov, director of Ogurtsy [Cucumbers] Why were you interested in portraying a photographer from the world of fashion and luxury?For me it wasn’t important if it […]

31 January 2022
L’huile et le fer-2-RVB

Tea time with L’Huile et le Fer [Iron and Oil]

Interview with Pierre Schlesser, director of L’Huile et le Fer [Iron and Oil] What interested you about the machine noises and gestural movements shown in the film?First off, I […]

26 January 2022
Man Or Tree-6-RVB

Lunch with Man or Tree

Interview with Varun Raman and Tom Hancock, co-directors of Man or Tree How did you come up with the idea for Man or Tree?It is based on a true […]

22 January 2022
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