environmental concept, Water shortage and drought footprint in dry mud

Lunch with Timeline

Interview with Osbert Parker, director of Timeline  Why did you want to deal with the topic of Brexit?  I was asked by the Migration Museum in London to create an […]

11 February 2022
Amélie Bonnin (39)

Short Talk – Pablo Serret de Ena

DWatch the interview with the Spanish filmmaker Pablo Serret de Ena about his short film Useless Opera Singers selected in the 2022 Lab Competition (L1 programme).

30 January 2022

Short Talk – Yannick Nolin, Samuel Matteau & Guillaume Fournier

Watch the interview with the Canadian filmmakers Yannick Nolin, Samuel Matteau, Guillaume Fournier about their short film Belle River selected in the 2022 Lab Competition (L2 programme).

29 January 2022
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