Expresso Video – Mei Liu

Watch the interview with the Chinese filmmaker Mei Liu about her short film Happy Ending selected in the 2021 International Competition (I4 programme).

24 January 2021

Expresso Video – Daniel Gray

Watch the interview with the Welsh filmmaker Daniel Gray about his short film HIDE selected in the 2021 Lab Competition (L2 programme).

23 January 2021

Dinner with Blaké [Tar]

  Interview with Vincent Fontano, director of Blaké [Tar] How did you come up with the idea to make a film about two guards reinventing the world in the basement […]

18 January 2020

Dinner with Cum înalți un zmeu? [How to Fly a Kite?]

  Interview with Gábor Loránd, director of Cum înalți un zmeu? [How to Fly a Kite?] Your film depicts a young boy’s passage into adulthood. What was the appeal in […]

13 January 2020

Lunch with Ève

  Interview with Agathe Riedinger, director of Ève  Why did you decide to use digital off-camera voices? Ève and Lili are alpha females. Two women who’ve shaped their ideal of […]

6 February 2019
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