Brasserie du court


Tea time with The Elevator

Interview with Dong Jiang, director of The Elevator How did you come up with the idea for The Elevator?The original idea came from a television news piece that talked about […]

3 February 2023

Lunch with Rien d’important

Interview with François Robic, director of Rien d’important  Where did you get the idea for Rien d’important?  After making a documentary where I’d filmed my sister and her friends I wanted […]

3 February 2023

Nightcap with Summer Rain

Interview with Shao Tzu Lin, director of Summer Rain  What did you want to explore through Kao Li-Hsuan and Kao Cheng-Hsuan’s relationship?During the pandemic in 2021, I went back […]

3 February 2023

Dinner with Bergie

Interview with Dian Weys, director of Bergie What was the starting point of Bergie? There were three elements that lead to Bergie’s conception. I live in Cape Town where it […]


Tea time with Escasso

Interview with Clara Anastácia and Gabriela Gaia Meirelles, co-directors of Escasso  What inspired you to make a mockumentary? It’s quite an original format! Clara: I wanted to portray the performative […]

2 February 2023

Lunch with Le Jour où j’étais perdu [One Day When I Was Lost]

Interview with Soufiane Adel, director of Le Jour où j’étais perdu [One Day When I Was Lost]  alk to us about the bond that unites the Voyager and Alain’s […]

2 February 2023

Breakfast with Nowhere Float

Interview with Fan Zhang, director of Nowhere Float What inspired you to tell the story of Xiaomei?Xiaomei is a Liuquin opera actress who escapes from her hometown Cangshan, doing […]

2 February 2023

Nightcap with Mulika

Interview with Maisha Maene, director of Mulika What was the starting point of Mulika?    The idea of Mulika came when I was questionning the future of Congo, a country with […]

2 February 2023
I-Hafra’at Hitmotetut Hamoshava-1-RVB

Tea time with Hafra’at Hitmotetut Hamoshava [Colony Collapse Disorder]

Interview with Amos Holzman, director of Hafra’at Hitmotetut Hamoshava [Colony Collapse Disorder] Your film deals with two young Israelis, one trying to escape compulsory military service. Why did you want to […]

1 February 2023

Lunch with Cut

Interview with Min-zun Son, director of Cut What was the starting point for Cut? I always have a longing for acting in the field. However, the minor actor didn’t have […]

1 February 2023
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