Lunch with Rien d’important

Interview with François Robic, director of Rien d’important  Where did you get the idea for Rien d’important?  After making a documentary where I’d filmed my sister and her friends I wanted […]

3 February 2023

Dinner with Auxiliaire

Interview with Lucas Bacle, director of d’Auxiliaire Can you tell us little bit about how your film came about? It’s the story of a young man with a disability […]

1 February 2023

Lunch with Cut

Interview with Min-zun Son, director of Cut What was the starting point for Cut? I always have a longing for acting in the field. However, the minor actor didn’t have […]

1 February 2023

Dinner with Please Hold the Line

Interview with  Ce Ding Tan, director of Please Hold the Line Can you tell us a bit about your choice of using 4:3-ratio cinematography?The 4:3 framing is to drive […]

31 January 2023

Tea time with Amarres

Interview with Valentine Caille, director of Amarres  What did you wish to explore through Livia and Louis’ relationship? The complexity of sibling love. I think that brothers and sisters are […]

31 January 2023

Lunch avec Koha wa Tapaha [Hills and Mountains]

Interview with Salar Pashtoonyar, director of Koha wa Tapaha [Hills and Mountains] In Koha wa Tapaha, we hear the voice of the main character as she tells her story, […]

31 January 2023

Breakfast with Écorchée [Skinned]

Interview with Joachim Hérissé, director of Écorchée [Skinned] What did you want to explore in this relationship between the two women? Who or what inspired this relationship between them?With […]

31 January 2023

Nightcap with Baile Entretenido [Fun Dance]

Interview with Casandra Campo Ernst, director of Baile Entretenido [Fun Dance] Your film features a lead character who comes back home and reunites with her former friends. Did you […]

31 January 2023

Tea time with Von der Flüchtigkeit eines Geschmacks [A Transient Taste]

Interview with Eva Neidlinger, director of Von der Flüchtigkeit eines Geschmacks [A Transient Taste] Where is the story set? How familiar are you with this region and this world?Von […]

30 January 2023

Nightcap with PLSTC

Interview with Laen Sanches, director of PLSTC  Could you explain what the acronym PLSTC represents?  PLSTC is an invented acronym that simply means “plastic.” This word has several advantages: it […]

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